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Guiding in the Realm of Artistry


Gina's presence as a teacher, pedagogue, and facilitator of workshops and masterclasses is widely renowned. Her artistry extends across the domains of voice, languages, piano, theory, and the vast expanse of musical knowledge. As a current Teaching Fellow at the esteemed Conservatorium of Music, nestled within the University of Waikato, Gina's illustrious path has woven through prestigious institutions like King's College and Macleans College. Additionally, she holds court in her highly sought-after private practice, The Valley Studio (NZ). Within her expertise, students of all levels, from budding novices to seasoned professionals, flourish under her specialised guidance. Many have ascended to international acclaim, gracing competitions and stages around the world.

A steadfast member of the Institute of Registered Music Teachers for over three and a half decades, Gina's affiliation with the NZ Association of Teachers of Singing spans three decades, including a distinguished ten-year tenure in an executive position. Her workshops and masterclasses have left an indelible mark on schools, community groups, choirs, universities, and theatres, sparking artistic inspiration. She has earned recognition for her exceptional successes in nurturing young talents and fostering the growth of promising voices. Notably, her concise and impactful training courses "The Developing Singer," have found their place within several schools and renowned professional choirs on an international scale. For numerous years, Gina has served as an indispensable vocal consultant for leading choirs, enhancing their harmonies and sculpting the essence of their artistry.

Gina's comprehensive pedagogical knowledge ensures that students and participants are rooted in the fundamental techniques, embracing a solid foundation. However, her teachings are not confined solely to technicalities; they kindle the joy and passion that reside within the heart of music and the performing arts embracing the joy and passion of music and performing art.

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