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Examiner & Adjudicator


The privilege of sharing knowledge, offering insightful feedback, and imparting the wisdom gained from a rich and captivating career is a gratifying reward for any artist.

Since her early days as an adjudicator, when she embarked on this path as a young graduate, to the present time where her expertise is highly regarded, Gina has earned a reputation as a sought-after assessor of exceptional calibre. She has lent her expertise to over 70 festivals worldwide, conducted examinations for top universities such as Auckland and Waikato, served on scholarship selection panels, and provided references for numerous emerging artists - several of whom have gone onto to

excellent national  and international careers. 

Currently a lead examiner for NZMEB - New Zealand Music Examination Board.

Gina's notable reputation stems not only from her keen observations of vocal technique, but also from her astute attention to detail in matters of language, style, musicianship, and stagecraft. Often, she goes beyond delivering results and generously provides 'mini-masterclasses' that offer valuable guidance to candidates and competitors. Her insightful approach is warmly appreciated by colleagues, families, and supporters, as it fosters understanding and nurtures artistic growth.

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