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Maestro of Musical Direction and Artistic Production


Gina's innate leadership abilities were acknowledged when she had the privilege of conducting her high school choir at the Auckland Secondary Schools Festival at the age of 17. Subsequently, she embarked on a journey as the Musical Director of a renowned Australian youth choir, and later founded the esteemed The Valley Voices, an award-winning ensemble comprising young talents between the ages of 7 and 18. 

Her dedication to the craft extended to her involvement at King's College, where she directed several choirs, revitalising the cherished Chapel Choir and leading the Macleans College Chorale to the esteemed NZCF National Finales for consecutive years.

Gina also contributed to production side of business, assuming pivotal roles in curating a diverse range of concerts and events. Her involvement extended to major public occasions, including the annual ANZAC services in her hometown, where these significant gatherings created a sense of majesty for the occasion.

She lent her talents to national conferences, such as NEWZATS, skilfully orchestrating symphony orchestra and choral concerts that involved the collaboration of 300 performers, as seen in the celebrated NZ Pops.


Gina's contributions extended to large-scale outdoor festival concerts, where she played a part in community traditions like local Christmas in the Park and Summer Opera. Moreover, she made her mark on the landscape of competition and scholarship festivals, creating platforms for emerging talents to shine.

As the founder and chair of the Clevedon Valley Music Foundation Trust, as well as a foundation trustee of NZ Pops, Gina draws upon her experience in designing, planning, coordinating, and presenting a wide range of special events and to ensure that each occasion is a truly memorable and deeply personal experience. Gina brings her artistic expertise, meticulous attention to detail and

unwavering commitment to the success of every event.

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