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A Student's Parent

Dear Gina, I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the immense impact you've had on my 13-year-old daughter's musical journey. Your expertise as a professional opera soprano and your dedication as a teacher have truly transformed her classical singing and piano skills. Under your guidance, my daughter has not only blossomed into a remarkable young musician but has also been presented with incredible opportunities to showcase her talents in diverse environments alongside accomplished musicians. Your extensive network and connections within the musical world have opened doors for my daughter that we could have never imagined. The chance to perform in varied environments, collaborating with talented musicians from different genres, has been a tremendous source of growth and inspiration for her. This exposure to such a vibrant musical community has enriched her artistic development and given her a unique perspective on her craft. Your guidance, mentorship, and unwavering support have propelled my daughter to new heights. Thanks to your exceptional teaching methods and meticulous attention to detail, she has become an award-winning performer, consistently excelling in competitions and even earning scholarships. Your ability to nurture her talent and provide the necessary tools to thrive in such competitive environments is truly commendable. Beyond the technical aspects, what truly sets you apart is your depth and breadth of knowledge in music. You have a remarkable ability to impart this knowledge onto your students in an organic and holistic way. Your teachings extend far beyond the mere mechanics of singing and playing the piano. You instil in your students a profound understanding of the music they perform, teaching them to express emotions, tell stories, and connect with their audience on a deeper level. This well-rounded approach has shaped my daughter not only as a musician but as a young individual with a true passion for her craft. It is hard to believe that my daughter has only been on this journey with you since May 2022, as the progress she has made in just 1 year is truly remarkable. Your patient guidance, unwavering support and genuine belief in her potential have propelled her musical abilities to new heights. Your ability to inspire and motivate young talents is a true testament to your exceptional teaching skills. Gina, your dedication, expertise, and genuine care for your students are truly commendable. You have played an indispensable role in my daughter's musical journey, nurturing her talent, and providing her with incredible opportunities. I am forever grateful for the transformation you've brought about in her life. Thank you for being an extraordinary teacher and mentor. With the warmest of hearts, Michelle Coughlan May 2023



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